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Some of the fine wines produced at
Cache River Basin Vineyard & Winery

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Jack Dunker, owner and operator of Cache River Basin Vineyard and Winery, checks the details of a storage tank of wine.  Aging is a very important process in the production of fine wines and must be constantly monitored.

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Along with the activities and other features of the Cache River Basin Vineyard & Winery, the production of fine Southern Illinois wines remains the primary function of the establishment. Stop by the winery, ask for Jack and sample some of the fine wines that are produced here.  Click on the heading of this column to see our wine list.

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"I have lived temperately - I have doubled the doctor's recommendation of a glass and a half of wine a day and even treble it with a friend."

Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President of the United States

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How Many Grapes to Produce
 a Bottle of Wine?

Determining the yield of harvest in terms of the number of bottles of wine is a lengthy, but interesting process.  First, the yield must be determined by weighing a few different clusters of grapes to obtain an average weight. The the number of clusters per vine is estimated and the number of vines is determined.  By multiplying this information, one can determine the approximate number of pounds of grapes in the total yield, which is esimated in tons or a fraction thereof.

One ton of grapes can yield between 130 to 150 gallons of juice.  Downsizing the weight measurement - it takes between 13 and 15 pounds of grapes to make a gallon of wine.  Storage tanks are normally measured in liters, but are also converted to gallons.  Approximately five 750 ml bottles of wine make up a gallon. Thus, a 500 gallon tank of wine should produce 2500 bottles of wine.  Thus, it takes approximately 2.6 to 3 pounds of grapes to produce a bottle (750 ml) of wine.

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