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Wineaux's Restaurant

Cache River Basin Vineyard &Winery

Boondocks Cabins

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Next Sunday, February 2
Wineaux's Restaurant will open again on
Sundays from 12:00 Noon to 5:00 PM
Join us!

Plan ahead for your special
Holiday Celebrations
at Wineaux's
(check it out below)

Notes from JACK

Situated in the rolling hills of beautiful Southern Illinois, Cache River Basin Vineyard & Winery provides for its patrons a selection of outstanding Southern Illinois fine wines, produced on site, a fine dining experience in Wineaux's Restaurant and clean, comfortable cabins (Boondocks Cabins) for that week-end get-away.

Easily accessible from Interstate-24, you will find a beautiful setting where you can wine and dine, relax or become involved in the special events that frequently occur at the winery and restaurant.
Directions to CRB Winery 

Call us for further information.

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Weddings??   Cache River Basin & Winery along with Wineaux's Restaurant offers a complete package to brides and grooms.  The wedding; reception; and even a cabin to spend the night in after a long day.  We now carry a Sephra Chocolate Fountain for the reception.  Call us or better yet, stop by and see what we have.

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Coming Events

A Reminder...

Our "lighting the wine bottle shaped pond" project is now completed.  We placed 105 LED lights around the pond and it certainly gives it a nice glow.  Come and check it out. 

We will soon take a photo of the lights at night time and have the photo on our web site.

Other construction projects include a machinery shed off our barn for equipment, a Pagoda at the end of the pond and, last, a second cabin.  We have a lot of "stuff" on our plate.  Come on down and see us.


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Boondocks Cabins

    The first Boondocks Cabin is now ready to rent,  Call me at 618-658-2274 for information and details,

.  Click HERE to see pictures of the completed cabin.  We think you will like what you see.

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Holidays for 2014

Wineaux's Restaurant will celebrate.  Check this web page
frequently for details

Saturday, March 17
St. Patrick's Day
Corned beef and cabbage

Friday   April  18   
Good Friday
Fish specials - Talapia, Catfish,
Redsnapper & Oragne Roughy

   Sunday,  April  20    Easter Sunday
Regular Menu
Also an Easter Egg Hunt
at 2:30

   Sunday,  May 11     Mother's Day
Wrapped eye round
(includes salad, two sides,
dessert and a glass of wine)

Saturday   June 14
Flag Day
Special patriotic dessert

Sunday  June  15
  Father's Day
Crawfish Boil Day
12:00 to 6:30

Friday  July 4th

Hot Dogs, Hamburgers,
Fireworks ?

September 1
Labor Day
Wineaux's Closed

Friday  October 31   Halloween
Costume party from 6:00 til 9:00
15% off your final bill for a full
costume.  Best costume gets free
bottle of wine of their choice.

Thursday November 27 Thanksgiving
Traditional Thanksgiving
Dinner.  Make your
reservations early

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