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315 Forman Lane,  Belknap, IL  62908
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Click below to check out the new additions to the Boondocks Cabin!

Wineaux's Restaurant

Open on Fridays 4:30 to 9:00

Saturdays 12:00 to 9:00

Sundays 12:00 to 5:00

Cache River Basin Vineyard &Winery

Open Monday - Thursday 10 to 6

Open on Fri & Sat 10 to 9

Open Sunday 12 to 5

Boondocks Cabins


The musical group
Mixed Company

will again appear at
Cache River Basis Vineyard & Winery
on the following dates:

Saturday, September 20
Saturday, October 18
Saturday, November 29
All dates will be from 7 - 9 PM

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We are still working on a new menu
for Wineaux's Restaurant and hope
to have it in place in a few weeks.
Hang with us on this one!

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Wineaux's Restaurant is open again on
Sundays from 12:00 Noon to 5:00 PM
Join us!

Singles Night is official!!!

Saturday Night January 17, at Wineaux's Restaurant

Wineaux's will be open from noon on but Singles Night will start at 7:00 and last until????

We will have music and we now have a small portable dance floor installed.

Upon entering, print your name on a name tag for others to know who you are.  Our menu is available for thos who wish to have a bite to eat while there.

This is our first effort so bare with us.  Make suggestions if you will.

Hope to see you there.

jack allen dunker




If you are not on our email list and would like to be on it for announcements, send me an email at  dunker@accessus.net and I'll place you on the list.

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Murder Mystery Dinner Theater

We have only one scheduled for this year and that is New Years Eve.



My Fair Murder

Starring Kevin O'Brien

$ 50.00 per person with all the trimmings.

 We will have music afterwards

to bring in the new year.

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Meet Judy Neill, from Karnak, Il., who oversees our landscaping at Cache River Basin Vineyard & Winery. A truly
 nice person, Judy has been a part-time employee of ours
for two years and is very good at her job.
"We respect her judgment in plants!"

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Wineaux's will be open on Thanksgiving Day

from 11:00 to 5:00.

Bring your family down for this special day.

Turkey and all the trimmings

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Cyclists !

Park your car in our lot and ride the beautiful Tunnel Hill State Trail.  (We are only about 500 yards from the trail! )  On your  return, come in and dine at Wineaux's Restaurant or spend the night in the Boondocks cabin, refreshing yourself for another great ride in the morning.
It would make a great weekend!

Click HERE for more information on the

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Harvest time is in full swing as we are
finishing up the Vignoles grape.  The
Chardonel will probably be next.

Want to Help?
Call us for details.


Notes from JACK

Situated in the rolling hills of beautiful Southern Illinois, Cache River Basin Vineyard & Winery provides for its patrons a selection of outstanding Southern Illinois fine wines, produced on site, a fine dining experience in Wineaux's Restaurant and clean, comfortable cabins (Boondocks Cabins) for that week-end get-away.

Easily accessible from Interstate-24, you will find a beautiful setting where you can wine and dine, relax or become involved in the special events that frequently occur at the winery and restaurant.
Directions to CRB Winery 

Call us for further information.

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Cache River Basin & Winery along with Wineaux's Restaurant offers a complete package to brides and grooms.  The wedding, reception, and even a cabin to spend the night in after a long day.  We now carry a Sephra Chocolate Fountain for the reception.  Call us or better yet, stop by and see what we have...

...and enhance your special day with a walk through our new Bridal Walk
(under construction)

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Another View...

A Reminder...

Our "lighting the wine bottle shaped pond" project is now completed.  We placed 105 LED lights around the pond and it certainly gives it a nice glow.  Come and check it out. 

On the right side of this page, you can
see a picture of the lighted wine bottle shaped pond.

Other construction projects include a machinery shed off our barn for equipment, a Pagoda at the end of the pond and, last, a second cabin.  We have a lot of "stuff" on our plate.  Come on down and see us.


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Boondocks Cabins

    The first Boondocks Cabin is now ready to rent,  Call me at 618-658-2274 for information and details,

.  Click HERE to see pictures of the completed cabin.  We think you will like what you see.

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Night Life at Wineaux's

This picture, captured from a night-flight in a small plane (notice the wing strut in the left-side of the picture), shows the lighted wine bottle shaped pond located in front of Wineaux's Restaurant on the grounds of the Cache River Basin Winery. Come on down, enjoy a meal at Wineaux's and see the pond for yourself.  You can compare this picture with the one in the center of the page to see exactly where the pond is located. 

(For a better view of the picture, right-click on the picture and select "View Image")

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